Curriculum Design for Open Education – Micro Course Pilot

University of Tasmania, Australia
Dr Carina Bossu

Keywords: International curriculum, Teacher voice

A cross-institutional project team has designed, developed and evaluated a free, open and online professional development micro-course focussed on supporting curriculum design in higher education. The course aimed to develop the capacity of academics in Australia to adopt and incorporate open educational resources (OER) and open educational practices (OEP) into curriculum development and renewal.

The course was designed for integration as a module into Graduate Certificate of University Learning and Teaching programs, with learning outcomes seen as being nested within broader sets of subject or unit learning outcomes. In the UTAS context, the course will comprise approximately one third of a unit in Assessment and Curriculum Design. The micro-course is also for informal learning to meet just- in-time professional development needs in contemporary curriculum design in a technology enhanced learning (TEL) and teaching context.