Higher Education Standards in a Disaggregated Environment

Higher Education Standards Panel, Australia
Christine Ewan – Higher Education Standards Panel Research Fellow

Keywords: Standards, quality, competency-basd assessment, RPL

The project was expected to:

  • identify emerging models of disaggregated, open educational process or informal opportunities for study that have implications for formal higher education.
  • analyse the drivers influencing the speed and impact of these developments.
  • summarise the challenges to academic quality assurance of these modes of student participation.
  • identify the interaction between the Higher Education Standards Framework and quality assurance in these modes of student participation and areas in which future formulations of standards may facilitate effective responses, or in which current formulations may hinder flexibility and collaboration for disaggregated delivery.
  • review current national and international approaches to compiling, verifying and assessing evidence of student learning outcomes and to credit mobility, and credentialling in disaggregated learning environments for credit towards formal qualifications standards.