Final Report Available

The OpenEdOz project began in 2014 and was completed in 2016.


The OpenEdOz project had the following aims:

  • Focus on the missing voice of students in understanding emerging technology-based open educational practices (OEP)
  • Determine how student learning outcomes can be enhanced with open education practices;
  • Develop case studies that captures University Practice;
  • Develop a National Roadmap for an Australian Open Education Strategy, fostering relevant uptake of open educational resources (OER) and open courses.


A unique feature of the project’s approach was the development of the national strategic implications in parallel with the practice components of the project so that practice was informing strategy. Practices in the three different types of institutions were supplemented by targeted case studies from national and international reference group members. Recommendations and strategies for national action were surfaced from analysis of the case studies and workshopped at a national Think Tank and events organised by Office of Learning & Teaching and Universities Australia.